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Thanks for visiting our website today! We like to keep it simple and to the point. Namely, you don't want to call, hassle with the Taxi Cab companies to get a Taxi-Cab or now days, having to download some time consuming App on your Mobile Device.

Simply click on any of the following time tabs below to find a Taxi-Cab Driver of your choice. This unique concept will put you in direct contact with a Taxi-Cab Driver perhaps right near you!

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And the best part--THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU FOR THIS SERVICE!  The Drivers listed here are all qualified, have at least Three (3) years or more of driving a Taxi Cab here in the Seattle and surrounding areas. And are fluent in the "English" language.  Also, all Taxi Cabs are Insured and meet Seattle/King County Rules and Regulations. For your convenience, we have added some of the new For-Hire Drivers and Vehicles that are all regulated by the same governmental agencies that regulates our Taxi Cabs. And "One" more bonus; Some of the new Taxi Cabs and For-Hire Vehicles are now  "Eco Friendly Green Conscious!" 

Important Notice:  If you are a charge account customer, passenger or rider of any of the Seattle/King County Taxi Associations.  For example:  DSHS, Hope-Link, MSC, Metro Access, Para-Transit Programs, Labor & Industries, Taxi Magic, Hotels, Cruise Lines, etc., this service may not be for you. You must call your respective Taxi or For-Hire Service provider directly for services you are requesting at this time.                                                          .


All listed Drivers are specially hand picked by us. We want you to be pleased with our services and tell your family members, friends and colleagues about this unique website. Our reputation is extremely important to us. Our pledge to you is that we will maintain a good quality Driver base for you to choose from.  

To Find A Driver Now! Click Below On A Time Tab.

For example if you need a Taxi at 8:00 AM to go to a doctor's appointment, click on the 8:00 AM Time Tab and a list of Drivers will appear before you who work at that time. **Please Note: It is important to call the selected Driver at least 30 minutes in advance of the time you need him/her to pick you up.**


In closing, we really want to hear from you! E-mail us at:

Write to us at: Taxi Drivers Direct.Com, P.O. Box 18693, Seattle, Washington 98118.


The Staff At Taxi Drivers Direct.Com

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